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At Smarter Surfaces, we have a range of surface solutions designed to help organize your home life. Make it easier and more productive to work from home and making homeschooling fun and entertaining for children.

Our innovative home surface products are ideal for organizing and scheduling family notes, keeping on top of everyday work events and even to help create your dream home theatre. The back of your kitchen door can become a dry erase notice board, the study wall becomes a magnetic and writable wall for learning, organizing and play, the sitting room wall becomes a high performing home theatre screen.


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Home Office and Organization 

For the home office, our range is all about productivity, organization and maximizing your space. Use our home office solutions, including dry-erase magnetic paint for walls or our self-adhesive whiteboard for your desk or the back of a door to increase productivity and creativity. Make your home office space creative with walls that can be used for ideas, notes and much more. Declutter your space, no need for flipcharts, boards or stacks of papers. 

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Home Cinema and Gaming 

For gaming and cinema use our projector paints to create a home theatre for the whole family or make use of our reduced ambient light projector paints for professional presentation setups.

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Home Schooling and Activities 

For family spaces and homeschooling activities, you can create a fun space to organize family activities and to express your creativity at home. Create a scribble pad or ideas area on your wall, door or kitchen cabinets. As new ideas spring to mind, jot it down on the wall and then get back to what you are working on. Make use of our whiteboard products to allow the kids to draw and write on any surface

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