Digital Agencies Love Smarter Surfaces

Digital agencies love Smarter Surfaces writable whiteboard wall surfaces

Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award winning digital advertising agency with offices located in Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow. Since launching in 2011, they have experienced remarkable growth to become a Premier level Google Partner and one of the top three SEM agencies in the UK.

Specialising in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, they were awarded Best Small PPC Agency in the UK at the UK Search Awards 2017.

Their clients include the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, Yankee candle company, Avoca, Tayto, Ulster University, Ulster Rugby and the Titanic Museum.

The Challenge for Digital Agencies

As an advertising agency, Loud Mouth were of course keen to incorporate their branding into their whiteboard walls. Their job is to promote other people’s brands so they need to demonstrate branding at all touch points. Where better than on the wall everyone is looking at ?

Loud Mouth also didn’t want a traditional square whiteboard, they wanted a speech bubble shape whiteboard. This is modern and creative, just like them.

The Solution

No problem ! With our whiteboard paint, you can create a dry erase surface of any shape or any color. There are no limits.

Check out the results :

Loudmouth with smarter surfaces whiteboard painted walls

(In case you are wondering where Loud Mouth got their name from, they say they are named fondly after the Managing Directors Mother-In-Law!)

Whiteboard walls are perfect for digital agencies who interact with both clients and staff. Use the entire wall for brainstorming and design. Project onto to show campaigns and idea. Work with clients and staff to fine tune details. Get everyone on their feet and let the creative juices flow when working on walls.

All Digital Agencies Can Have Branded Walls

If you want to create a similar look for the whiteboard surface in your business, just follow these steps :

Apply Smart Primer to prime the wall

When the primer is dry, Apply Smart Wall Paint whiteboard paint

When Smart Wall Paint is dry, remove the backing from your logo on a sticker affix to the wall in your preferred spot. (Note any high street printer can print your logo on a sticker.)

Use border tape to mark out the speech bubble border.

Paint the border (within the masking tape) in the color of your choice.

See how your customers react to your new whiteboard wall with your logo on it. Enjoy the extra engagement and productivity you, your team and your clients will benefit from with such a large working space.