Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Clear

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Transform your workspace surfaces with our Self Adhesive Dry Erase Film Clear. Convert any smooth surface into transparent writing surfaces.

This transparent dry erase film preserves the original color or design of your surface. It can be applied to almost any smooth non absorbent surface to make it work just like a whiteboard. Turn your tables and office furniture into whiteboards without changing the look or color.

  • 5 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance, with no ghosting and no staining
  • Suitable for commercial
  • Self adhesive, just remove backing layer
  • Takes minutes to apply – simple application and video guides available
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Great for modernizing office tables and furniture.
  • Environmental (exceeds all US standards): VOC free, Solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free and Isocyanates free
  • Fire Certification: ASTM Class A
  • Prop 65: Complies with California’s Proposition 65
  • Volume discounts available
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Benefits of Using Smart Self Adhesive Dry Erase Film – Clear

Easy Installation, Immediate Results

Effortlessly transform your workspace with our transparent Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film - Clear. Enjoy an instant, hassle-free dry erase surface.

Transform Any Surface

Turn any smooth surface into a productive space. Ideal adding whiteboard function to tables, office furniture, metal cabinets and panels without changing their appearance with a quick two-step DIY installation.

Workspace Refurbishment

Enhance desks, tables, doors and more to revitalize your workspace. Increase productivity, teamwork, and collaboration by maximizing existing furniture and fittings.

Limitless Whiteboard Space

Experience the functionality of a whiteboard without limitations. Create a whiteboard table or add versatility to any smooth surface in the office or classroom.

Stain Resistant, Environmentally Friendly

Our dry erase film is stain-resistant, odor-free, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Apply with ease, even with people in the same room.

Dry Erase Film Clear - Technical Specifications

Coverage / Dimensions / Weight:

  • 107 sq ft / 4 ft x 26 ft 8″ / 12 lbs
  • 53 sq ft / 4ft x 13 ft 3” / 6 lbs

Material Thickness: 0.06”
Product Color: Clear / Transparent
Product Finish: Gloss
Gloss Measurement: 98 GU at 60 degrees
Odor: None
Suitable Surfaces: desks, furniture, glass, partitions, old whiteboards / blackboards or any smooth non-absorbent surface
Fire Certification ASTM Class A

Manufactured with over a decade of proven whiteboard surface technology.

Kit Contents

107 sq ft & 53 sq ft

  • 1 x Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film - Clear
  • 1 x Surface Sticker
  • 1 x Application Guide
  • 1 x Wallpaper Spatula
  • 1 x Pair of gloves
  • 1 x Microfibre Eraser

Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film Clear Reviews

Sean M - Wayra Incubator

Nifty product, we applied the clear whiteboard film to our tables ourselves in our startup incubator as a way to level up our office on a budget and we were chuffed with the results.

Mark M - Director - Otpiwifi

Our doors are now whiteboards thanks to Smarter Surfaces, and work really well on the backs of all our office doors as we had little wall space. We like that we kept the blue color of our doors as the product is transparent.

Brian Bracken - Allied Bank

Useful products work well.

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Smart Dry Erase Film Clear can be added to any smooth piece of office furniture. Desks, wall partitions, panels, lockers.

Our Smart Self Adhesive Dry Erase Film Clear can be applied by professional and non-professional users.

Dry Erase Film Clear are self-adhesive so can be easily applied to any piece of office furniture.

See our clear whiteboard film application video

Smart Self Adhesive Dry Erase Film Clear - Clear are ready to be used immediately after application.

Visit our case studies page of our website to spark your imagination of all the ways you can work better with our products.

No Dry Erase Film Clear is self-adhesive so can be easily applied to any piece of office furniture. No additional adhesive is needed

No this stick on whiteboard product will not shrink during the application process.

No our dry erase films are self adhesive and do not require priming but they must be applied to smooth treated surfaces like office furniture or glass.

Gloves should be used when applying Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films - Clear.

Full health & safety guidelines are printed on the label of every Smarter Surfaces™ product. Please read these before application.

As with any whiteboard surface regular cleaning will help maintain your whiteboard surface and maximize its performance.

Use a dry microfibre cloth for general cleaning. Periodically depending on usage use a whiteboard cleaner to remove marker residue which is transparent and can be hard to see but the build of this over time will make it harder to erase so cleaning it occassonal with an everyday whiteboard cleaner will optimize the whiteboard surface.

In the event a permanent marker is used by accident it can easily be removed with permanent marker remover

Dry Erase Film Clear are available in a selction of dimensions which can be viewed on the product page.

Smart Dry Erase Film Clearcan be used with any high quality whiteboard accessories.

A range of accessories for self adhesive whiteboard films are available on our online store here.

For Self Adhesive Dry Erase Film Clear the Gloss Measurement is 98 GU at 60 degrees

Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Clear installation

Our Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Transparent Film offers hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for professional help. You can apply it effortlessly and start using it right away, with no unpleasant odors or mess involved. Simply measure the required size of the material, leaving a bit of extra for trimming.

Peel off the backing layer and firmly press the self-adhesive film onto your desired surface. To ensure a smooth application, use the included spatula to push out any trapped air bubbles.

Read or download our step-by-step Application Guide

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

You can request a sample pack if you want to sample our products’ performance first.

Have any questions, or need advice? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support. Just get in touch with us.

Application GuideA full application guide to help you apply our Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film - Clear.

Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Clear installation Video

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Clear Videos

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

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