Whiteboard Manufacturers

The Smarter Surfaces whiteboard manufacturers range of Whiteboard, Magnetic and Projection film surfaces is specially designed for furniture manufacturers and material producers seeking to enhance their offerings by adding whiteboard, projection, magnetic functionalities to any piece of interior furniture typically in office or education spaces.

With large format reels and rolls of whiteboard and magnetic films designed by whiteboard manufacturers for producers of custom furniture or materials who wish to add magnetic whiteboard function to their materials in a production setting, we offer tailored solutions to meet your production needs.

Whiteboard for Production Line Applications

Large Whiteboard rolls for Whiteboard Desks and materials for production lines we offer this in jumbo reels of up to 800m for application on a production line, this is available in magnetic and low gloss options for projection.

Order custom prepared sizes of self adhesive whiteboard films to make whiteboard cabinets that are available in any size or format such as jumbo reels of magnetic whiteboard film
or cut to specific sizes and shipped as required.

Large Ceramic Steel Whiteboard Roll

As an interesting alternative ceramic steel whiteboard we offer a solution that offers the function and performance of ceramic steel magnetic whiteboard but with a number of advantages such as ease of handling and cutting on a production line.

Our magnetic whiteboard large format rolls can be supplied on reels up 500lm and with widths up to 1.22m. Large magnetic sheets, this high performance material can also be supplied in custom specification and sizes.

Large whiteboard rolls for whiteboard desks

Why work with Smarter Surfaces?

Materials for industrial applications
Customized materials to meet your needs
Expert Technical Advice
Manufacturers Pricing
EU and USA Certified Materials

Materials Available

  • Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film
  • Self Adhesive Projection Whiteboard Films
  • Self Adhesive Whiteboard Clear Film
  • Self Adhesive Whiteboard and Projection Film
  • Whiteboard Wallpaper
  • Whiteboard Magnetic Wallpaper
  • Whiteboard Magnetic Projection Wallpaper (Low Sheen)
  • Full range of magnetic, projection, and whiteboard coatings

Typical Applications

  • Writable Tables
  • Whiteboard and Magnetic Tables
  • Magnetic and whiteboard doors and wall panels
  • Projection, Whiteboard and Magnetic Pod Box Walls
  • Whiteboard Cabinets
  • Whiteboard and Projector Desks
  • Whiteboard to glass

Collaborative Opportunities for Whiteboard Manufacturers

Trends in schools and offices aim to get modern learning and work spaces in order to facilitate their students and employees daily work. At Smarter Surfaces we understand the diverse needs of modern learning and work spaces and we are dedicated to providing the best option materials to upgrade any piece of furniture such as executive desks, conference tables, collaborative workstations, doors or cabinets, among others.

Collaboration, productivity, and creativity are the keystones of modern learning and work spaces, and our whiteboard, magnetic and projection, paint, wallpaper and self adhesive films upgrade furniture designs to deliver these essentials that schools and offices demand.

Whether you're an established office furniture manufacturer or an ambitious newcomer, partnering with Smarter Surfaces opens the door to a world of possibilities in workspace and education optimization.

Join us at our Furniture Manufacture Space to enjoy its benefits and to revolutionise the office furniture industry together with Smarter Surfaces. Let's work together to create learning and work spaces that inspire, engage, and drive success. Contact us today to embark on a journey that brings to the market the most innovative pieces of furniture.

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Collaborative opportunities for whiteboard manufacturers