Company Values

Think Big: Smarter Surfaces grew from an idea one guy had when asked to fit out an entire meeting room with whiteboards. That’s how Smarter Surfaces was born. So we know that ideas can come at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected places. And that crazy ideas often work. That’s why we encourage thinking and brainstorming and meetings on your feet and collaborating and sharing. Using our products, you have the opportunity to come up with that big idea every day. Use a big space, think big.

Ethics and Respect: We are a global company. We have customers and partners in every continent all over the world. We visit them regularly and they visit us. Our staff, based in our Dublin HQ, come from many different countries and speak different languages. So it’s really important to us that everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Customer Service: It’s really simple. Our customers and partners come first – all the time. It’s not enough to just sell products that transform how people learn, work and communicate. Every enquiry, contact and interaction gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to delivering an amazing holistic service from enquiry to delivery and aftercare.

Relationships: Smarter Surfaces is built on relationships. Our team work together, eat together and socialise together. We work hard to create a collaborative and friendly environment at Smarter Surfaces. In fact, it’s often the second thing people comment on when they visit our offices. (The first thing people notice is how we use our walls). The Smarter Surfaces’ family is made up of many global partners and thousands of end-users and we nurture each to become a longterm and fulfilling relationship for all.

Fun: At Smarter Surfaces we enjoy what we do and we have fun while we do it. It’s a joy to sell products that don’t just change spaces, they change how people communicate and work. We love our products, and our customers and partners love them too. That’s why we make sure fun is part of the entire Smarter Surfaces’ experience.