Save the Children Canada: CSR Case Study

Save the Children Canada: CSR Case Study

Save the Children is a world leading independent organisation for children. They strive to give children an environment in which human rights and needs are protected.

They contacted us through Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility programme, looking to bring create a whiteboard wall with our whiteboard paint in their offices. They applied our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint to three of their offices and are thrilled with the results.

They summed up Smart Whiteboard Paint in three words:

Innovative – it uses the as-built environment without having to drill, screw or damage a wall surface.

Streamlined – it provides a clean finished look for the user.

Inducive – people naturally want to try it out, it supports innovation, collaboration and the exchange of ideas. People of all ages fulfil a need to write on walls.

He went on to tell us, “our contractor who applied the surface had experience with other whiteboard paints from a different manufacturer. He commented Smart Whiteboard Paint went on much easier and had less fumes”.

The resulting finish was very nice and uniform.

They would ‘recommend the products to other companies looking for unique solutions for their surfaces.’ He was greatly impressed by the contractor’s feedback that ‘it was a lot simpler and less toxic in application compared to other products they have used in the past’.

In the past, Save the Children Canada used traditional whiteboards but now they have Smart Whiteboard Paint in three of their offices, each with their own Smarter Surfaces area.

All of their staff use new surfaces as they are a company who have ‘frequent meetings and value heavy organisation’.

How do they make use of their new whiteboard walls? Mark answered that question for us too. “We can use our new surfaces for financial information, project information, collaboration ideas, staff education and seminars.”

To learn more about Save The Children Canada, visit their website here

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