Smarter Surfaces Complete Guide to Make A Whiteboard Wall with Whiteboard Paint (Dry Erase Paint / Whiteboard Wall Paint)

Smart Whiteboard Paint is a dry erase coating that can transform any surface into a writable dry erase board in any size or shape you like. It can be applied to just about any surface you can imagine. Transform your surfaces into large writable areas for offices, meeting rooms and classrooms. You will have unlimited space to work.Smarter Surfaces is the world’s leading white board paint manufacturer. Along with dry erase wall paints Smarter Surfaces also sell a number of other dry erase products including whiteboard wallpapers and self adhesive whiteboard films. Learn more about these products here.


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Out of many dry erase coating manufacturer’s to choose from, Smarter Surfaces is the smartest choice for anyone looking to create a writable wall. Create a whiteboard surface of any size and in any color with our whiteboard wall paints. You can even choose the shape that best fits your surface.

Click below to learn more about the two types of whiteboard wall paint in our dry erase product range, clear whiteboard paint or white dry erase coating. You can find out which color will best suit the surface you are trying to create.

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What is Whiteboard Paint and How Does it Work?

Dry erase wall paint is a 2 part system, which should be mixed just prior to application, that results in a dry erase coating that you can apply to walls, tables, doors or just about any flat, smooth surface.

Imagine being able to paint your walls or other surfaces in your home, office, classroom, co working space, coffee shop, or retail store and once dry, being able to write on your walls with dry erase markers, and easily erase without ghosting, smearing, or discoloration. That’s what a high quality whiteboard paint product will do for you.

You won’t need to worry about size restrictions with Smart Whiteboard Paint. This dry erase board paint will be applied directly onto your surface and won’t have any borders or barriers that regular white boards. You can paint the whole wall if you like. Who wouldn’t like to have a complete dry erase wall in their office.

From there, your creative edge and the creativity of your team are your only limits. Take the opportunity to organize thought, brainstorm, collaborate, mindmap, piece together the various elements of a project using visualization of thought through expression on your new dry erase wall!


Types of Whiteboard Paint

There are two types of dry erase paint currently in our range. They are Smart Whiteboard Paint in White and Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

Clear White Board Paint

Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear is a whiteboard paint that is totally transparent and clear. This means that you can have a white board to write on in any color you like. The color of your wall, table or other surface beneath your application will shine through. Some people enjoy a big splash of color on their surface, rather than a traditional white look for a dry erase board surface. If you are one of those people, looking for a splash of color, enjoy shopping Smarter Surfaces clear white board paint here.

The innovative yet simple product is a two part dry erase paint. You simply mix part A and B together, stir for 5 minutes and you are good to go. If you can paint, you can apply Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear. You just have to add a single coat of clear whiteboard paint to your surface. Topcoat paints, any non absorbent digital print or wallpaper.

In our experience, certain industries such as online, marketing and IT prefer a more modern look and feel to their working environments. If your office fits this profile – or you want a quick and inexpensive way to update your space – choose clear white board paint. Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear is so versatile. It looks great and transforms surfaces into highly effective working spaces for so many uses.

This is a low VOC and low odor product which means it will not release any harmful chemicals or odors into the air during application.

Dry Erase Paint is also LEED certified. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED provides a framework that project teams can apply to create healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings.

Please note: You can not use Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear on a white surface as it will tinge the color of your wall.

White Whiteboard Paint

For those who prefer a more traditional look or want their whiteboard wall to blend in seamlessly with the rest of their office a whiteboard paint in white like Smart Whiteboard Paint might be the perfect product. Unlike traditional white boards you’ll have unlimited space to write upon and won’t have any ridiculous borders.

Dry erase paint, like Smart Whiteboard Paint in white, is very easy to install too. Anyone can do it. Simply add your primer to the surface, 2 coats in total, then wait 12 hours and apply 1 coat of Whiteboard Paint. It’s that easy. Whiteboard Paint isn’t just restricted to walls either, apply to doors, desks, cabinets and more. White board paint is adaptable and can be tailored and sized specifically to fit the area you wish to cover.

Whiteboard Paint is an award-winning, commercial grade coating designed for use on any smooth surface. This product can be applied in working spaces, as it is low odour and low VOC. That means that while a dry erase wall is being added to your office, you can continue to work away as normal. Smart Whiteboard Paint is very environmentally friendly and is certified for LEED and complies with all european environmental, health and safety regulations.

When applying dry erase wall paint to your surface it is essential to prime your surface with a water-based primer, such as Smart White Primer before applying your dry erase paint. This is because it prevents the white board paint from being absorbed into the surface you are applying it to.

Having a dry erase wall or dry erase surface in your office or classroom will enable you to increase communication, become more efficient with your time and also help you go paperless.


Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

You don’t just need to stick with one functionality. Why not create a dry erase and a magnetic surface. Opt for our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint bundle that will provide you with everything you need in order to create the optimal magnetic and dry erase surface. In this bundle you’ll receive Smart Whiteboard Paint (in either white or clear depending on your choice of bundle), Smart White Primer (if you opt for the white option) and Smart Magnetic Paint. Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is available in two colors, white and clear. This means you can create a magnetic and dry erase wall in any color you choose.

Smart Magnetic Paint is not magnetic itself, rather it acts like a magnetic receptor. This means that it won’t affect anyone with a pacemaker or the Wifi signal. Smart Magnetic Paint is mid-grey in color and can be topcoated with any color paint or in this case Smart Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear. It contains 50% magnetite content making it a medium strength product and when combined with dry erase paint you can create a high performance magnetic and dry erase surface.

This is a great option for board rooms, meeting areas, conference room, coworking spaces, even kitchens and classrooms where you might want to hang or display various papers, artwork, project materials and more via the use of neodymium magnets. Why not add magnetic dry erase paint to your office walls and create planning areas, giant notice boards or create an office calendar so that everyone can see what is happening at a glance. Transform your office or classroom with Magnetic Whiteboard Paint today.

Does Magnetic Dry Erase Paint Work?

But how does Magnetic Whiteboard Paint actually work? When creating a magnetic whiteboard wall you will need three parts. First you will need to apply Smart Magnetic Paint. You will need to apply a minimum of three coats of this magnetic primer but you can add up to six in order to increase the magnetic strength of your magnetic wall. Smart Magnetic Paint is the best magnetic paint to use with Smart Whiteboard Paint which is why we have created this bundle for you. You will have everything you need. Once you have applied all the coats of Smart Magnetic Paint you want to your surface will be magnetically receptive.

After this step depending on whether you chose magnetic dry erase paint in either white or clear you will have a different step to take. You will either apply a color of your choice or Smart White Primer to your surface. Please note you must completely cover the grey color of the magnetic paint before you can apply Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Lastly simply apply your whiteboard paint and your application is complete. Once you’ve applied Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint you will have a surface or wall that has both magnetic and dry erase functionalities. By choosing Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint bundle you can get two functionalities with only one purchase.

Magnetic and dry erase walls can be used in any classroom, office, meeting room or home. How you use it really depends on you. Create areas for brainstorming, project plan, create class notice boards the choice is yours. Try magnetic whiteboard paint in your space and see how well it works.


How to Make a Whiteboard Wall

Once you know you want to create a writable wall in your space one of the first things you will be considering is how you can create it. With Smart Whiteboard Paint it is easier than you think. The steps you need to follow are included below.

In order to apply whiteboard wall paint to your surface you will need a few application tools. Most of these will be provided to you in your dry erase paint kit.

Smart Whiteboard Paint must be applied with a new roller (provided in the kit), brush and tray. Any contact with water or solvent will cause a reaction with Smart Whiteboard Paint affecting its performance.

Note: Larger rollers can be used. We recommend a high quality foam or mohair roller. If you are using a mohair roller, remove all loose fibers before use.

1. Measure Your Area

Measure the area accurately ensuring you have enough dry erase board paint

Do not ‘stretch’ the white board paint as it will only cover the recommended areas. If you stretch the paint your whiteboard surface will not work correctly and you will have to redo the dry erase paint application process.

2. Prepare Your Surface For Application

Cover and protect the area around the surface you wish to paint with Smart Whiteboard Paint

Check and fill any holes or cracks in the surface with a normal decorator’s filler. You will only be able to create a fully functioning whiteboard wall if your dry erase paint is applied to a completely smooth surface.

Next, use the sanding block provided in your kit to smooth the filled surface

Prime any areas where filler was used

3. Prime Your Surface Before Applying Dry Erase Paint

Apply 2 coats (3 coats for fresh plaster) of Smart White Primer before you apply Smart Whiteboard Paint White. Please note: Ordinary emulsion/latex paint is not suitable as a primer.

If you have opted to create a clear whiteboard surface then please use our clear sealer before applying Smart Whiteboard Paint – Clear when painting:

  • a new wood or composite material
  • a new porous or dry material such as plaster or concrete
  • over porous surfaces such as wallpaper

Applying the Primer

  • Use any roller or brush to apply the Smart White Primer to your surface
  • The surface must be clean and dry prior to painting for best application
  • Stir your primer or sealer thoroughly before use
  • Drying time takes 2-4 hours between coats and 12 hours after the final coat has been applied

4. How To Apply Whiteboard Paint / Dry Erase Paint To Smooth Surfaces

Pour all Part As into Part B of Smart Whiteboard Paint

It is important to stir thoroughly for no less than five minutes using the stirring stick in your kit

Apply within one hour of mixing, using the roller sleeve in your kit to apply your dry erase paint to your surface

Once mixed, the dry erase paint must be applied in one hour (high temperatures will reduce this time)

Smart Whiteboard Paint must be applied in 1 meter sections

Paint around the edges of the first 1 meter section with a new brush

With the new roller, apply Smart Whiteboard Paint to this 1 meter section

Pass the roller over the entire surface 10 times to ensure a generous, smooth and even coating of your dry erase board paint

Upon completion of each one meter section, examine the painted surface from three angles for any imperfections, missed spots or areas of uneven application. Apply more Smart Whiteboard Paint as required

You must ensure each meter section has adequate Smart Whiteboard Paint to create a writing surface, before moving on to the next one meter section and adding more dry erase paint

Once the first one meter section is complete and has been inspected, move to the second section and repeat the above application.

5. Whiteboard Paint Drying Time

Please note the ‘Ready to Use’ date (four days from the application) when users will be able to start writing on and wiping off the new whiteboard surface

Affix the ‘wet paint’ sign alongside the whiteboard painted surface

Smart Whiteboard Paint will be touch dry after five hours

Once you have applied Smart Whiteboard Paint your surface will be ready to use after four days

The performance (erasability) of Smart Whiteboard Paint will continue to improve over the first 30 days. During the first 14 days we recommend cleaning your dry erase paint surface daily

These are the steps you will need to follow to create your whiteboard wall or dry erase surface. Smart Whiteboard Paint is easy to apply and anyone who is familiar with the regular painting process will be able to do it. It’s easier than you think you create a whiteboard surface.


What Type of Dry Erase Board Wall Do You Want?

Magnetic Whiteboard Wall


How can you use a magnetic whiteboard wall? Magnetic whiteboard walls are extremely versatile and can fit into almost any setting. By adding Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint to the walls in your office or classroom you can reinvent the ways that you work and learn.

In your office why not get everyone out of their seats with new magnetic whiteboard walls. Use the dry erase functionality to write up notes or explore ideas on your space. You will no longer be restricted by the size of whiteboards, as whole groups of people can now work on your magnetic whiteboard wall at once.

Use the magnetic functionality to add a visual element to your meetings. You can stick up product drawings next to notes or website screenshots to help you better explain your point.

Both functionalities will help everyone see the big picture and it is just one of the ways you can use your magnetic whiteboard walls.

Why not add magnetic whiteboard paint to the wall in your office communal area and dedicate it to company updates?

Everyone can add any product news, company info or staff events that are taking place to the wall. Not only will it look great, it will also encourage communication in the workplace. No longer will you have to worry about endless email threads, all with their own piece of information. With a magnetic whiteboard wall, you can see everything at a glance.

Traditional White Board Wall


Want to know how you can use a white board wall in your office or classroom? Check out some of our ideas below.

First off, you can make all the surfaces in your meeting room writable. Unlike regular dry erase boards, whiteboard walls are not limited in size. Your workspace can be full of them.

Instead of sitting around a large table while one person writes on a whiteboard, you can all be up on your feet. Everyone will be able to write their own ideas in their own space at the same time. Your whole meeting room will be writable and can be used for exploring ideas. Not only will everyone have the chance to write up their own idea for everyone to see, but you won’t have to wipe any of it away before you are finished with it.

Whiteboards walls help you get the most out of your team and make sure everyone can see the big picture.

One of the most important things in any office is communication. It can also be one of the most difficult aspects of working in a company of any size.

Why not use a white board wall to make sure everyone stays up to date with the goings on of your office?

You could try emailing everyone but this could be time consuming and you can’t guarantee information won’t be lost in an employees inbox. Create an announcement wall with whiteboard wall paint instead.

Use one of the walls in your communal office area so that everyone will have access to it. This way, all your company news can be found in the same place. Anyone in your office will be able to add something to the wall – be it new product news, company events or more.

It’s also a great way to keep departments that might not usually interact uptodate with what is going on around the office.

Another use of your workspace wall is to write up your monthly targets. Someone in the team can then update the percentage of the goal reached at the end of each week.

This means the whole sales team will be able to see how much of their target they have reached so far and how much they have left to go. This will keep them motivated throughout the week so that they can add a much smaller figure to their wall.

Colored Dry Erase Wall


Not everyone wants white walls in their offices. Sometimes colored whiteboard walls are much more interesting. They are also as easy to use a traditional whiteboard walls too.


The great thing about our clear dry erase paint is that it means you can topcoat any colored surface, apart from white, with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear for a custom colored whiteboard wall. It can be totally unique to your office.

You can even topcoat digital prints with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear and it’s a great way of enhancing your personalized surfaces with functionality. By adding dry erase paint in clear to your colored walls you can even topcoat your company logo.


Preparing To Apply Your White Board Wall

Firstly you need to make sure that you have measured the area you wish to paint correctly. This is important as Smart Whiteboard Paint, our dry erase paint, is sold not in litres but by the area you want to cover. This means that you need to make sure that you buy enough paint to cover your total surface area. If you stretch your whiteboard paint to cover a larger area than it is capable of your dry erase surface will not work.

Next you need to make sure you cover and protect the area surrounding your wall. This will prevent your workspace or classroom from dust or whiteboard paint that might spill during the application process. You will then need to fill in any holes in your wall with filler as dry erase wall paint must be painted on a completely smooth surface.

The next step needed to prepare for whiteboard paint application is to sand your surface. A sanding block will be provided in your dry erase paint kit.

The final step you need to take when preparing your surface for dry erase paint application is to prime your surface. Applying primer is an essential step in the whiteboard paint application process for Smart Whiteboard Paint White and is highly recommended for Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear. Apply 2 coats of Smart White Primer (3 coats if applying over fresh plaster) before you apply Smart Whiteboard Paint White.

Once you have primed your surface the next step is applying your whiteboard paint.


Applying the Coating for Your Dry Erase Wall

Once you have primed your wall you’ll want to begin applying your whiteboard paint.

First off you will need to pour all the Part As you have received into your Part B and stir thoroughly. You will need to stir for no less than five minutes using the stirring stick in your kit. You will need to apply your tin of whiteboard paint within an hour once your paint has been mixed.

Smart Whiteboard Paint should be applied in one meter sections. The edges of each 1 meter section should be painted around with a new brush with a new roller being used when painting within the one meter section. You should paint over each section 10 times to ensure a generous, smooth and even coating of your dry erase paint.

Once each one meter section has been completed make sure to examine the painted surface from three angles to check for any imperfections, missed spots or areas of uneven application. Apply more Smart Whiteboard Paint as required for areas that have been missed.

You must make sure that each meter section has adequate Smart Whiteboard Paint to create a writing surface, before moving on to the next one meter section and adding more dry erase paint to the surface.

Once the first one meter section is complete and has been inspected, move to the second section and repeat the above application.


Tips for Initial Use of Your Whiteboard Wall

Once your dry erase wall is dry and you will need to wait four days before you can use your new surface. This is because the paint needs time to cure in order to become dry erase. If you use your whiteboard paint wall before the four days have been completed then your surface will not work correctly. Your surface will need thirty days to become an optimal dry erase surface so our advice is to make sure to clean your surface daily from day seven to day thirty.

There are various ways that you can maintain your dry erase wall and avoid it ghosting. One of these ways is by using high quality accessories like the ones we have mentioned below.

First off is our Whiteboard Cleaning Spray and Microfibre cloth. Whiteboard cleaning fluid is perfect for maintaining your dry erase wall on an everyday basis. You can use it on basically any dry erase surfaces including Smart Dry Erase Paint, Smart Dry Erase Sheets and traditional whiteboards. Along with this you will clean your wall with a microfibre cloth.

If you have some stubborn stains or accidentally used permanent marker on your dry erase wall then you can use our Permanent Ink Remover to clean your wall. It is advisable not to use Permanent Ink Remover on your whiteboard wall as this can damage it over time.

You will also want to make sure that the markers you are using on your white board wall are high quality. To make the experience of our customers easier we have these on our websites here. You will need to use high quality markers like these to avoid leaving smudges on your wall. This will keep your whiteboard wall as clean as possible so it continues to look like new. Rather than buy all these whiteboard accessories individually why not get them all in one bundle with our Whiteboard User Kit or Pro Whiteboard User Kit. Buy white board accessory bundles here.


Dry Erase Paint vs Whiteboard Wallcoverings (Wallpapers)

Whiteboard Paint isn’t the only dry erase product in our range. Why not try a whiteboard wallpaper instead? Both these products create high quality whiteboard walls but they are actually pretty different.

With Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper you can create a whiteboard surface as large or as small as you want to, while whiteboards are usually limited in what sizes are available. You can purchase as many rolls of this dry erase wallpaper as you want to create your surface. It all depends on the size of your area. Choose Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper is ready to use as soon as the wallpaper adhesive is dry (typically 24 hours) so you can start enjoying all the benefits the next day. Watch the application video for Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper below.



Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering has a high gloss finish. Like Smart Whiteboard Paint, it is applied directly onto the wall meaning it creates a smooth surface. It also does not appear clunky like regular whiteboards but can instead make a room look bigger. If you are looking for a low sheen version, check out Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper -Low Sheen.

Smart Whiteboard Paint, unlike whiteboards and our whiteboard wallpapers, is available in both white and clear shades. The clear version allows the user to create a whiteboard wall in any paint color on your wall (except white). It can be applied on top of wallpaper or a digital print. This provides you with the ability to create a dry erase surface in any color and any size you choose.

If you can paint, you can paint a dry erase area with our whiteboard paint. Smart Whiteboard Paint can be applied in just five simple steps and you’ll receive an easy to follow application guide with your dry erase paint. The covered surface can then be used four days after application as it requires curing time. Watch the application video for Smart Whiteboard Paint below.



Smart Whiteboard Paint, once applied, will have a glossy finish on the surface. It can be applied seamlessly into any room, as when not in use, it looks a little different from regular white paint. Or if you choose the clear version you can keep the color of your wall whether it is yellow, blue or red.

Both Smart Whiteboard Paint and Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper can be maintained in good condition by using both with high quality whiteboard markers and cleaners. We offer a range of these along with a variety of sprays to help you make the most of your surface. Check out these products here.


Whiteboard Paint vs Traditional Whiteboards

How does whiteboard paint compare to traditional whiteboards?

Traditional whiteboards usually require someone who is familiar with the installation process to install. Your installer will need to mount the board at a straight angle and make sure it is firmly attached to the wall. These steps may sound difficult but if you or your installer have worked with whiteboards before then they can be easier than you think.

Whiteboard Paint is incredibly easy to install. Anyone can do it. Simply apply the primer to your surfaces, using two coats in total and then wait 12 hours before applying 1 coat of Whiteboard Paint. You won’t have to worry about getting an installer either, simply check out the in-depth application guide available on our website. It will also be provided in print copy with your whiteboard wall paint.

Traditional white boards by nature only cover a certain amount of area. This means that unless you can find a particularly large one you can at times be restricted in space. They usually have a frame which may at times appear bulky if you are looking to add more than one to your walls.

Smart Whiteboard Paint can be incorporated seamlessly into your workspace because you won’t need to worry about bulky frames or borders. You can create white board walls that don’t even look like dry erase surfaces when you aren’t using them. Whiteboard Paint isn’t just restricted to walls either, apply to any door, desk, cabinet or any smooth surface in your office, meeting room or classroom.

You will usually find that most dry erase boards are available only in white but it is possible to get a whiteboard in a different color. However, these often tend to be whiteboards that are smaller and aren’t usually as high quality as some of the others available.

Whiteboard Paint on the other hand is available in two colors, white and clear. With the clear option you can top coat any color of paint ( except white) and have a writable surface in whatever color you choose.


Why Smarter Surfaces Dry Erase Board Paint vs Other Brands?

Why should you choose Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard Paint over other brands that are out there? There are a number of reasons and we’ve included some of them below.

Smart Whiteboard Paint out performs all of the competitors on the market. It is the best white board paint on the market and provides customers a long term dry erase solution that is guaranteed for 10 years.

Smart Whiteboard Paint is extremely environmentally friendly and LEED certified. This means that unlike our competitors’ products Smart Whiteboard Paint can actually add to how environmentally friendly a building is. Smarter Surfaces products also last longer over time.

For anyone looking to purchase the best whiteboard paint, choose Smart Whiteboard Paint.



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