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Video Gallery
For inspiration or to see how others have used our products, browse our How to Use videos. For step-by-step product application guides, see How to apply videos.

How To Use

Looking for tips on how to use writable, magnetic or projection products in your space? Check out the videos below which show Smarter Surfaces products in use in different ways.

Magnetic Plaster Combined with Whiteboard Wallpaper

Magnetic and Whiteboard Meeting Rooms

Watch as this customer uses their new multi-use wall. Their surface is not only a whiteboard, it’s magnetic too! This was achieved with Whiteboard Wallpaper on top of Magnetic Plaster. In this video, see how they use their new flexible surface and learn what benefits it has brought to their office.

Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper

Using Magnetic Whiteboard Walls in Hospitality

Check out how this customer uses magnetic and whiteboard walls throughout their hotel. They installed Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper in their sales room and Whiteboard Paint in transparent on top of Magnetic Plaster in their canteen. See how both surfaces are used here.

Magnetic Plaster Combined with Whiteboard Paint

Sales Management with a Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

Manage your sales department with a magnetic and whiteboard wall. Check out how an IT company did it here. Previously, they used three whiteboards which were difficult to move around the office and were extremely limited in size. There must be a better way to work ! Consider unlimited magnetic and writable surfaces instead of small boards.

Magnetic Paint Combined with Whiteboard Paint

Using Magnetic Whiteboard Walls In Business

Watch how one tech company uses its magnetic whiteboard walls to change the way they work. They needed a surface to help them explore ideas, project plan and to work as a team. The answer was magnetic whiteboard walls! Their Magnetic Whiteboard walls are used by everyone in the company to help them work together, better.

Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen

Maximise One Meeting Room with Whiteboard AND Projection Walls

Get two functionalities with just one application, with our dual functionality wallcovering. Find out all about it in this video.
This start-up wanted to use all their meeting room walls to write on and to project on. They also wanted a modern solution instead of traditional whiteboards and out-dated flipcharts. Now with Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen, they have entire walls to fill with their ideas along with the added bonus of being able to project images or presentations onto the surface.

Whiteboard Paint – White

Get Creative With Whiteboard Surfaces

Are you looking for more creative ways to work? This media agency from London, fell in love with the idea for whiteboard walls. With our whiteboard paint, they reinvented the way they work by adding writable walls.
Watch this video and see how it has changed the way they work.

Whiteboard Paint – White

Every Modern Office Needs Writable Walls | Whiteboard Paint

You’ve got to see how this gaming company make use of their functional office walls. They have multiple Smarter Surfaces’ products installed around their office. Having modern workspaces helps them create fantastic mockups of characters and layouts for the games that they produce, as well as brainstorming ideas for future projects.

Whiteboard Paint – Clear

How To Use Transparent Whiteboard Paint

Think whiteboard paint is just for walls? Think Again. Watch our video to see how any smooth surface can be used as a whiteboard when applied with Whiteboard Paint in Transparent. Simply apply one coat of transparent Whiteboard Paint over any (non-absorbent) digital print, wallpaper or paint.

Whiteboard Paint – Clear

Get Writable and Colourful Walls

Whiteboard Walls don’t have to be white. Watch this video to see how you can use whiteboard walls in any colour in your office. This music app development company show us how they converted their office walls into large dry erase surfaces – in blue – to capture ideas and end user comments.

Whiteboard Sheets

Whiteboard Sheets On A Roll

Looking for a temporary alternative to whiteboard surfaces? Try whiteboard sheets. Whiteboard sheets are multi-use, disposable whiteboard sheets on a roll. They stick naturally to any smooth surface with static so no need for tape or screws. Lightweight to carry for work on the move, whiteboard sheets are also re-usable.

Magnetic Paint

How Strong Is Our Magnetic Paint?

Have you ever wondered how much you could hold up on a magnetic paint wall? The more coats of paint that you apply, the more weight you can hang off it. In this video we show you exactly that. We’ve compared both 3 coats and 6 coats of magnetic paint, so that you can be confident on which option best suits the needs of your office or classroom.

Permanent Ink Remover

Remove Permanent Ink With Smart Pro Cleaner

Remove stubborn stains or permanent marker from your surface with Smart Pro Cleaner Spray. Smart Pro Cleaner, our permanent ink remover, helps keep your dry erase walls in perfect condition. It can also be used to revamp your old whiteboard and make the surface good as new.

How to Apply

Watch our application videos for step-by-step guides to how you or your installer can apply Smarter Surfaces products.

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Whiteboard Wallpapers

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