Professional Whiteboard Markers – 8 Pack


This set of 8 premium whiteboard marker set is perfect to use with any whiteboard surface.

This includes Smart Whiteboard Paint, Smart Whiteboard Sheets and Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering, as well as any other whiteboard surface.

In this whiteboard marker set you will receive:

  • 8 markers double tipped (5mm chisel tip and a 2mm precision tip)
  • A range of colors including red, green, black, blue, brown, purple, orange and pink

Choose these double-ended markers with a choice of colors over standard markers to enhance your whiteboard experience.

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Benefits of Whiteboard Marker Set

When it comes to visualizing ideas, concepts, and plans, whiteboards are an excellent tool for the job. They allow us to brainstorm, plan, and organize our thoughts with ease, making them an essential addition to any workspace or classroom. However, to get the most out of your whiteboard, you need a set of quality markers that will bring your ideas to life. This is where the Smart Whiteboard Marker Set comes in.

The Smart Whiteboard Marker Set is a premium set of 8 double-tipped markers that are designed to work with any whiteboard surface. That includes Smart Whiteboard Paint, Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper, Smart Whiteboard Projector Screen Paint, as well as any of our other whiteboard surfaces. With this set, you can create vibrant, bold, and long-lasting marks that will enhance your presentations, lectures, or meetings, but that are easily removed.

One of the standout features of this set is the double-tipped design of the markers. Each marker has a 5mm chisel tip on one end and a 2mm precision tip on the other. This dual-tip design provides you with the flexibility to create both broad and fine strokes, making it perfect for creating detailed diagrams, mind maps, or flowcharts. You can also use the chisel tip to write bold, eye-catching text or headings, while the precision tip is ideal for underlining or highlighting key points.

Another benefit of this set is the range of colors it provides. The set includes eight different colors, including red, green, black, blue, brown, purple, orange, and pink. These colors are carefully selected to provide maximum contrast and visibility, ensuring that your ideas stand out and are easily understood by your audience.

The Smart Whiteboard Marker Set is also designed to be long-lasting and durable. The ink is specially formulated to resist smudging, fading, and erasing, ensuring that your ideas stay visible and vibrant for as long as you need them to. The markers themselves are made from high-quality materials, making them resistant to breakage and damage.

When it comes to using the Smart Whiteboard Marker Set, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First, always shake the marker well before use to ensure that the ink is evenly distributed. Second, be sure to store the markers horizontally when not in use to prevent the ink from settling at one end. Finally, be sure to cap the markers tightly after use to prevent the ink from drying out.

If you’re looking for a premium set of whiteboard markers that will help you bring your ideas to life, the Smart Whiteboard Marker Set is an excellent choice. With its dual-tip design, range of colors, and long-lasting ink, this set is sure to enhance your whiteboard experience and make your presentations, lectures, or meetings more engaging and effective.

This dry erase marker set is a must-have for anyone who uses a whiteboard regularly. It contains all the essential items that enable you to write, erase, and clean your board with ease and confidence. If you are looking for more accessories then check out our full range of whiteboard supplies.

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