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Empowering educators and students to create a more active learning environment by transforming ordinary surfaces into collaborative surroundings.

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Our mission is to help educators keep students focused on learning. We want to aid student collaboration and communication skills as well empowering them to become more independent.
Smarter Surfaces work with educators to create interactive learning environments.

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What Educators Say About Us

“My boss is very happy with the products from Smarter Surfaces. Each person who passes his office loves the idea of ​​being able to write on the wall. in fact, we are very satisfied with the Smart Whiteboard Paint because it is extremely resistant and the markers fade very well without leaving any ghosting behind. The idea will go a long way in my opinion, we will definitely write to you again soon.”

Université Laval
“Students have really taken to it and are engaged in their learning and it has created many more different learning opportunities in those classrooms. The paint itself has been very hard wearing and there have been no signs of any wear and tear.
If you’re looking for that creative spark in your classroom, then I’d certainly recommend that you think about what potential learning opportunities his may lead to.
This has been a huge success and has transformed the classroom and the teaching style within it.”

Woodham Academy

“We aimed to have the paint covering an entire back wall of our classroom. It both works for drawing diagrams during lessons but also is an interesting feature. We found the paint to be easy to apply and works well for drawing on and for cleaning off. The whole process was very satisfactory and we recommend both the paint and the company.”

London School of Sound

“Smart Projector Paint Pro
We bought this Smart Projector Paint Pro to paint a wall in our community centre. It is fantastic! Everyone who uses the room, including the local camera club, have said how clear and crisp the images are. No need for an expensive projector screen the wall IS the screen. It is slightly pricey but well worth it. It has painted the whole wall. Highly recommend this product. It’s so good we are buying more to paint screens in other rooms. Excellent product and an excellent customer service and communication. Brilliant!”

Fisherrow Trust

“I am a buyer for Rocky View Schools in Alberta, Canada. I have purchased from Smarter Surfaces for numerous locations in our division over the last few years. Comments received from teachers and staff have been positive, the students love the writable surface, and being able to write on an entire wall is especially fun. Overall, the experience has been great! Moving into a 21st Century style of teaching, this product fits perfectly with the learning environments in our schools.Using the surface with our projectors has also been a success. The customer service I receive has always been beyond satisfactory. Everyone is wonderful to deal with and I would recommend Smarter Surfaces to anyone looking for functioning wall coverings. Thank you for the great product and service you provide to Rocky View Schools!!”

Rocky View Schools

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Functionalities Explained

Each application can be ordered with the following functionalities.

We also supply these products with combinations of these functionalities.

Traditional whiteboard functionality with the Smarter Surface performance guarantee.


Create a magnetic only surface or choose a multifuncional solution for more collaborative lessons.


Better than a projection screen, create a screen of any size and develop more interactive classes.

Applications for Education

For Walls

We have two ranges that can be used on walls – Paints and Wallpapers.

For Desks

We have designed one of our ranges for desks and doors – Adhesive Films.

For Refurbishing

You can also use the films in our range to update chalkboards or used whiteboards.

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What product should I get?

If you’re unsure on what product best suits your needs our dedicated customer service team is here to help. Simply call us on (country phone number), and we’ll answer all your questions and give you a recommendation, or pop a message in the chat.

Are these products hard to maintain?

Not at all. There’s nothing special you need to do to maintain our products. Simply clean and maintain following our user application guides which are available on our website and will be sent to you on purchase.
All of our dry erase range can be cleaned using a microfibre cloth. For tougher stains use our Smart Pro-cleaner and a microfibre cloth to erase the marker.

What Accessories can I use?

Smarter Surfaces has a wide range of accessories that can be used with our products. This includes cleaners, clothes, magnets and markers depending on product functionality. All of our accessories can be found here and are available in kit format or singular depending on your needs.

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